Hi everybody. At last long-awaited “PhotoSuck Beta” is on air. Its still in testing stage and You’re welcome to be one of its first users. For those guys who are new to “PhotoSuck” - its a windows based application which downloads Your desired photos from Flickr and Picasa. Your desires are defined by sets of criterias. Criterias include social relevance(specific users’ photos, Your friends’ photos, …); tag relevance; picture quality (portrait, landscape, HD, SD, …); upload date; and more. All this is achieved using cute WPF application, which looks like this:

Photosuck Screenshot


The application is available from http://photosuck.com. The only prerequisite is having a Windows operating system and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on your machine. If .NET is missing on your PC, then “PhotoSuck” will download it for you (of course, with your permission! :). If you want to download it manually follow this link: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1.

IMPORTANT: If you already have .NET 3.5 (without SP1) for normal functioning of “PhotoSuck” it will be required from you to download and install the SP1 from Microsoft web site.

Using PhotoSuck

After successful download and installation you will see a “PhotoSuck” icons on your desktop and start menu. Do a double-click on a shortcut. It will launch the application. First thing to do there, is to create a “desire”. Its treated like a photo feed, query, something what you need… (from Flickr or Picasa). Just click the “Create New Desire” button and choose photo network from Flickr and Picasa:

Create New Desire

Now, you can configure Your “Desire” and click Done when finished.

Configuring Desire

Your “Desire” is ready to use and last thing to do is to run it by clicking “Start” button. Give it some time and it will download images based on your defined criterias. Downloaded images will appear inside corresponding “Desire” and You may easily preview it, open in original web page and set as a wallpaper:

Download Progress

Thank You!

You’re welcome to use Our product and thanks in advance for helping in improvement of “PhotoSuck”! For any comments and suggestions logon to http://photosuck.com and leave Your feedback.

P.S. For Developers

“PhotoSuck” is based on a pluggable architecture and has an SDK which allows adding support of new photo networks. PhotoSuck SDK is in still in polishing and documenting stage. We’re making our best to make it available for C#/WPF in Q2 2010.