Steps to install TFS 2010.

  1. Install Windows Server 2003 SP2.
  2. Install SQL Server 2008 R2. Do not configure Reporting Services at this step!
  3. Install WSS 3.0 SP2. See details
  4. Configure Reporting Services.
  5. Choose native mode if you do not require to use Microsoft Sharepoint Portal
  6. Choose Sharepoint integrated mode only if really required

  7. Install TFS 2010.

  8. Do not forget to install Team Foundation Extension for Sharepoint Services even if you are setting up a a singe server configuration.

  9. Configure TFS 2010 using the wizard in TFS Administration Console.

  10. Replace local server name with FQDN to expose public access to the server. Follow this post to rename URLs. After that go to Sharepoint Extension configuration in TFS Administration Console and replace URL with FQDN.

Some problems you might encounter during/after installation of TFS 2010

  • Problem:When running TFS 2010 upgrade wizard and reaching Readiness Checks you might get an on ‘Configuration Database’ step. The message can say: “TF255440: The following account has a SQL Server login, but the login was denied access: DOMAIN\User. The server selected to host the databases for Team Foundation Server is: MYSERVER. The SQL Server login associated with the user account must be granted access to the SQL Server instance on that server.” Solution:

    Delete that DOMAIN\User account from SQL Logins. You should not get that message again.

  • Problem:When connecting SharePoint to TFS in Team Foundation Administration Console you most probably will get “TF255329: The following site could not be accessed … “ error when clicking “Validate Path” button.Solution: Even though you have a single server setup you need to install TFS Extension for SharePoint. Once installed you will able to easily connect Sharepoint to TFS.